Elect Judi Jones
Ward 4 City Council

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Elect the Consummate Professional – Judi Jones

Support the Best Candidate for the Job

Elect Judi Jones – Ward 4 City Council – April 28, 2015 is a campaign rallied by supporters for Judi Jones in Washington, DC. 

Judi has the skills, experience, and education needed to man the ship as councilor for Ward 4 district. Judi has an extensive background in politics, education and law, and has steadily materialized positive change in our community.

As an example, Jones increased school choices, supported affordable housing projects, and made notable changes to local zoning laws.

Memberships and Affiliations

  • Board Member of Lamond Community Development Corporation (former and present)
  • Founder of the Lamond Block Captain Network
  • Founder of the Lamondlinks Monthly Newsletter
  • Member of American Contract Compliance Association
  • Member of Georgia Avenue Collaborative 
  • Member of N4N.org
  • Member of Various Civic and Block Organizations

The aim is to develop funding and volunteers for the campaign. Voters and volunteers can connect, donate, and request details on our website.